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In this area, you will find a complete listing of all previous postings.  Enjoy!

The Beginnings of the Mischke Broadcast A good clip to start off with, as it goes over how the Mischke Broadcast got its start. 8:58

The Phantom Caller This is a very, very rare sound byte of Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show--back when he was known only as the "Phantom Caller". Mischke used to regularly call in to this program back in the late 80's. This bit provides an early glimpse into a show that wouldn't evolve until many years later--The Mischke Broadcast. 1:55
Special thanks to Don for providing this clip!

Tom and his Pet Cow This is the earliest Lukey call I have on record. I believe at this point, Lukey had only called into the show once or twice before. This call was recorded in the summer of 2003 while Mischke was broadcasting from the Shack out at Midway Field. 7:59

Angry Lady Tom deals with an angry caller. 2:12

KDWB Calling Hilarious bit where Tom makes a random call to some teenage girls and manages to convince them that KDWB is calling (KDWB is a local music station that is popular with the teens).10:59

Just Some Darn Odd Stuff In the midst of a Mischke Broadcast, there is always a chance that the show will take a sudden, sharp turn into the bizarre, inexplicable and unknown. 5:02

Where are the Kids?! Mischke has lost his kids. 2:38

Souchy's Sound Effects T.D. Mischke takes over Garage Logic. 1:27

Mirrored Shower Doors The first call from a lady by the name of Laura that used to call in quite a bit. She called in regularly for months and it was always entertaining to hear her calls because she was extremely gullible. Her calls to the show abruptly ended when Tom managed to hurt her feelings. I'll post that very call on a later update. 8:37

Get Your Gas Mask Pete is a little concerned about the availability of gas masks (for some unfortunate, obvious reasons). 2:30

Great-Great-Great Grandma Jay-Jay This is a sound clip from one of my favorite regulars on the Mischke Broadcast--Great-Great-Great Grandma Jay-Jay. She was a fascinating lady, well into her 90's, that would regularly call in and talk with Tom. She passed away five or six years ago and the family gave Tommy a great gift--Grandma Jay-Jay's harmonica-- the very instrument she played so often for the listeners. 6:53

School is Closed A concerned parent calls in for important information. Whoops-a-flippin'-daisy!! 1:25

Mischke Mentality Tom deals with a genius caller. 5:22

Fun Things to do in St. Paul Good advice if you're looking for something fun to do. 0:47

Cock Fighting A rare call where I actually know the very date it was recorded-- November 5, 1996. This guy had come home from voting and wanted to talk about Cock Fighting and other various disjointed topics. 17:50

How Much is too Much for Gas? Tom at the Gas Pumps. 2:45

Killing the Show Tom ends his show and takes over the top-of-the-hour ABC news broadcast. 3:06

Dialing for Satan Tom calls Directory Assistance looking for a fella by the name of Lucifer.3:30

Undertaker Fred at Career Days The name says it all--plus we learn that Undertaker Fred had the privilege of embalming his very own Mother AND Father!Yikes. 3:48

Brian Needs Friends A 13 year-old caller is in sore need of friends or a girlfriend or a pet or something... 2:06

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed. This is a young T.D. Mischke, back in the late '80's, calling in to the Don Vogel Show. 3:14
Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Democrats Want to Ban the Bible This is a very recent bit from the Mischke Broadcast-- roughly two weeks old. I usually post older stuff, but thought this was a very funny piece that was appropriate to post now--with the upcoming election. 2:24

Man Shot at Funeral A listener is very disturbed with Mischke's warped sense of humor.10:15

Calling Bob Dylan Tom uses Directory Assistance to try and reach the famous Minnesotan.4:52

Dale's Tragic Death Tom exposes the sick side of American Capitalism. This call literally takes place just a few months after Dale Earnhardt's death back in 2001. 6:48

Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System This is a test, this is only a test... 0:29

Is this the Scoreboard Show? Mischke plays host to the Scoreboard Show. 1:40

Joe Yes--that Joe. This is a call from a Mischke Broadcast regular who goes by the name of Joe. Joe has been calling in for years, which is surprising because I never thought his liver would last that long. 7:32

Win a Dirigible Mischke offers up some trivia for fabulous prizes.3:58

Calling Canada Tom makes a call to our Northerly neighbors.2:13

Messin' with the Morgue Tom gives a Mortuary Worker a hard time. 3:28

Donald the Daft A "typical" caller on the Mischke Broadcast. 4:13

Gramps Should've Listened For those of you that only catch Mischke on the internet, you're missing a great part of the Broadcast-- the commercials! Tom often makes comments during commercials and his own personal endorsements are second to none!0:59

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed. This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's.2:29

How to be an Internet Millionaire! Tom interviews a Get-Rich-Quick Scamster and has a little fun with the guy! 14:11

Raging Gloria An extremely agitated listener calls in and-- of course--Mischke manages to agitate her even more. 5:06

Charged with No Evidence Mischke tries to imagine how you could possibly charge someone with no evidence. 2:30

Mischke and Patrick Patrick calls in and it turns out both he and Mischke were at a big bash put on by Summit Beer. Patrick goes on to reveal the "secret fuel" that helps Tommy get through a Mischke Broadcast. 4:05

Knock-Knock! A strange exchange between Tom and Undertaker Fred. 0:42

Sorry, I Can't Verify that Information Once again, Tom tangles with his favorite target--telephone operators. 6:52

The Official Terrorist Joke Book A must-have for your next trip! 6:44

The Grammar Lady This is an older lady who used to frequently call in to correct Tom's grammar. I believe she is a caller from way back when that used to call in to the Vogel/Mischke Show. 1:19

The Best Book is the Good Book The listeners get some preaching from Undertaker Fred. 3:09

This Sucks Tom discusses a few things in his life that have really "sucked". 1:45

Why Tommy was Fired Tom pretends he is a producer and explains to a Jason Lewis fan why Mischke was fired. 3:26

Whoops-a-Daisy! Where's the Panic Button?! A clip where Mischke and Kodiak are caught completely off guard. 0:42

The Phantom Caller Another clip from the early years--long before The Mischke Broadcast even existed. This is a young T.D. Mischke calling in to the Don Vogel show back in the late '80's. 2:40
Special thanks go out to Don for this clip!

Messin' with Paul Brand The infamous prank that Mischke pulled on fellow radio host Paul Brand! 8:51

I was Talking to my Wife! Tom recruits a caller to help gang up on the Directory Assistance Operator. 5:08

646 is the Number Tom calls in to the Mischke Broadcast. 2:05

Special Note: If anyone out there has some recordings of the show that Tom Mischke and Don Vogel used to put out together, I would love to grab a copy if at all possible I was a big fan of The Afternoon Saloon and never got the chance to hear Tommy and Don working together I think that must have been an incredible show Just click on this webmaster link to send me an e-mail.

Or, if you'd rather just talk to Mischke about some of the sound bytes above, or about weather in Buckman, Minnesota, or about how grass makes a different sound when you walk on it at varying temperatures, or just about anything else--you can click on the T.D. Mischke link to send him an e-mail.